Consultation and Outsource Support

Eastern Shield provides a comprehensive technical consultation and outsources support for aviation, oil & gas and other business domains, Eastern Shield as a focus on aviation business priorities provides the following types of consultations dedicated to aviation disciplines and industry sectors in an effort to expand business horizon and ensure successful business conduct.
Our consultations services are aligned with governmental and aviation regulatory regulations and based on international business practices:

  • Regulations: Eastern Shield by its professional aviation consulting and analytical support staff can provide full package of the regulations governing the establishment of Aviation investment in Jordan as well as in the region, that is to include the regulations issued by the Ministry of Industry and Economic, Ministry of Defense , Civil Aviation Authorities.
  • Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Establishment: Eastern Shield offers all needed requirement as far as Repair Center Establishment, that is to include targeted aircraft in the region based on scientific analysis and market research work force needed long with certification and approval, facility requirements to include hanger, workshops accessories compatible to Safety Regulations issued by the NFPA and requirements of Unified Facilities Criteria UFC.
  • Aircraft Operations and Maintenance Assessment Services: Reliance Gate provides assessment of aircraft and maintenance from an operator prospective.
  • Feasibility Studies and Cost Analysis: Based on the vast experience and wide knowledge in aviation industry, Eastern Shield accomplishes professional feasibility studies and cost analysis in an effort to define the weaknesses and strengths of a proposed or exiting business venture.