Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Airport Ground Support Equipment Services

Eastern Shield provides maintenance, refurbishment and overhaul services for all types of airport ground support equipment trough a well-trained and highly skilled workforce and the partnership with manufacturers.

Eastern Shield offers value-for-money services at a very reasonable price, without compromising work quality.

 Eastern Shield Services:
  1. Ground support equipment maintenance contracts.
    • Gas and diesel engine overhaul and repair.
    • Full engine and generator overhaul including component level testing.
    • New manufacturing capability for writing harnessess.
    • Sheet metal repair and manufacturing.
  2. Aircraft Arresting Systems installation and maintenance contracts.
  3. Cryogenic LOX/LIN plant installation and maintenance contracts.
  4. Aviation fuel stations installation and maintenance contracts.
  5. Ground support equipment maintenance training programs.
  6. Bomb lifts repair and test capability for all components.
  7. Hydraulic test stands.
    • Repair, overhaul and modification.
    • Manufacturing capability for obsolete parts.
    • Hydraulic hose and tubing manufacturing.
    • Engine, Electric motor and hydraulic pump overhaul and testing capabilities.
  8. Paint / Blast Shop

Core Capabilities

Corrosion control, wash, shot peen / sand blast, prime and paint all materials and assests for airbome generator flight / ground power production flight. Manufacturing of data plates, placards and decals to support inside and outside organizations.