Special Operation / Vounter Terrorism Training

⦁ Surveillance.
⦁ Counter-Surveilance.
⦁ Suicide bombers.
⦁ Car bombs & led’s.
⦁ All terrain driving.
⦁ Off road driving.
⦁ Escape from captivity.
⦁ Tachtical shooting.
⦁ Defensive tactics.
⦁ Mindset ofthe bombers.
⦁ Tachtical medicine.
⦁ Active shooter analysis.
⦁ Torrorist threat assessment.
⦁ Close quarter combat.
⦁ Tachtical point shooting.
⦁ Basic & advanced pistol and rifle operations.
⦁ Sight picture / Sight alighnmet.
⦁ Simulative, Instinctive and reactive shooting.
⦁ Procedures for drawing weapons.
⦁ Magazines changes.
⦁ One hand magazine changes.
⦁ Shooting while kneeling.
⦁ Shooting from the prone position.
⦁ Shooting while failing back (Suprise Exercies).
⦁ Shooting while in motion (Running, Walking).
⦁ Shooting from and around cover.
⦁ Using cover while shooting.
⦁ Shooting from a moving vehicle (Static and Dynamic).
⦁ Improvising / Creating weapons.
⦁ Stealth tactics.
⦁ Crossing fences and other obstacles.
⦁ Deceptive approach while eascaping.
⦁ Working in completely dark environments.
⦁ Correct movement in various terrain types (Forest, Desert, Swamp, Moountain, Snow, Water, Etc … ).
⦁ Sabotage techniques in order to prevent enemy pursuit.
⦁ Disabling enemy alarm systems.
⦁ Correct movement around motion sensors.
⦁ Counter car-jacking & commandeering a vehcile without a key.
⦁ Physical attack while second in a vehicle.
⦁ Management of team hostages in order to escape successfully.
⦁ Taking down enemy guards.
⦁ Booby trapping an area for deception while escaping .
⦁ Trauma procedures to assist iniured hostages while.
⦁ Recognizing various types of explosive and devices.
⦁ Manipulating electricity and other technologies against captors.
⦁ Deceptive views of enem transportation infrastructure.
⦁ Multiple firearm disarmament when threatened b more than one captor.
⦁ Escaping tactics in server situations when convoy has been destroyed by the enemy.
⦁ Deceptive communication techniques with other hotages.
⦁ Knife throwing techniques.
⦁ Professional knife throwing and disarmament during .
⦁ Beheading attempt.
⦁ Handling expert and server brutal knife attacks from multiple attackers.
⦁ Functioning under extreme stress.
⦁ Fighting effectively after being partlly immobilized or wondered.