Crisis Mitigation Services

Eastern Shield offers a wide range of planning, mitigation and preventation consulting services to prepare your organization in the event disaster strikes.
Eastern Shield offers know-how, technical assistance and the latest technologyy and mitigation practices, whether it is a collage, public facility, private corporation, municipality, or non-profit organization. Our experts conduct a complete risk analsis, identifying at risk areas and designing cost-effective solutions tat will provide the gratest benefits to you and your organization. Eastern Shield also activites with local govenment agencies to attract support and resources to ensure the success of these mitigation efforts.

Pre-Crisis Services

⦁ Idendifying risks to exiting infrastructure.
⦁ Preparing mitigation plans, identifying activities to prepare your university, city or business for a potential crisis.
⦁ Review plans for new infrastructure to ensure they are built accordingly to avoid damage from floods, earthquakes and other diasasters.
⦁ Devlopmenting an informative educational campain to employees, bussiness associates and other audiences of your crisis management efforts.
⦁ Establishing training programs for employees to prepare theme to respond to any potentioal crisis or diasaster.